22 Apr

Why do I always post a new post a year after? Does anyone else find that really sad or is it just me? Well, I guess it’s just me since no one really reads this blog but if someone does you’re my favourite person on the planet!!! HEH!

Well, apparently I haven’t posted the second chapter to the previous post. I put it somewhere…maybe it’s in my Google Docs, I don’t know. It might be and then I might be able to post it on here sometime! HAHAHA!!! Let’s just hope that that sometime is soon, right?!

Anyways, I know that this blog isn’t actually supposed to be a blog (that’s why I have a tumblr…) but, hey, I thought that maybe I should update this one too since it’s been a while. I’m planning on rewriting or reupdating Meddley and then adding onto it since I feel it necessary. I don’t know. Maybe I’m overdoing it? I just feel like the time is right to do it, you know? Well, maybe not, but I feel like I should do it for some reason.

As for the other stories that I said that I would do…well, they’re on hold! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have no idea for how long though! I know that I want to get back to them and possibly start the project I just now mentioned. The problem is is that I”m experiencing some writer’s block, so I’m considering entering myself into a writing challenge on some site, maybe Booksie or somewhere. I just need to re-ink my quill…

Well, until next time, you peeping toms!



The Truth Is: Chapter 1 [Sorry it took so long!!!]

10 Jun

So, here is my first story in a LONG time. It’s a short story, so…yeah. Hope you enjoy! Kamsamnida!

This was taken from my booksie account:

Being patient is key.
Alice Chiu has had a crush on a senior at her high school. Athletic, good-looking, smart–everything a girl could ask for when looking for a guy. The only problem is she’s not bold enough to talk to him. So her friend Bene sets up a meeting between the two at Alice’s locker after school one day.
And so they wait…
Author’s Note: I was listening one day to Charice’s song, "The Truth Is" and apparently that’s where I got my title. I felt that the song related to this really well–especially to my main character’s feelings. Please take a listen to the song!! (I am in now way affiliated to Charice or her label.)


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So, have you heard about tumblr.?

27 Apr

I know, I know, I know: It’s been a long time since I last posted on here—but is that new to anyone? LOL! Anyways, I’ve just been loaded with homework the past few months—especially from a teacher who teaches us one thing one week and loads us with homework the next over the subject taught the previous week, therefore leaving us utterly confused and lost. (Wow, talk about a long sentence. Thank God I don’t talk like this…I only think and write in this manner!)


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HAPPY {belated} NEW YEAR!!

15 Jan

PartySo…this year started out great!!! I had two New Year’s parties both of which were at the same person’s house up in Indy. One was to celebrate the turn of the new year and the other one was during the day around lunch time on the first day of the new year. That was a great start to the new year!! I got to spend time with people from my church and loved ones on those two days.


Well, on the following Monday we (of COURSE) had to go to school. I returned looking optimistic and happy to see my friends. So far the school year is okay in the new year. Last week we had to snow days and today we had early dismissal!! The weather’s been okay considering what it’s like to be living here in the Midwest. Back to school. Today I found out that I have an A- in Honours English (GASP), an A in chemistry, and and A in Spanish. I’m pretty sure that I have an A in world history AP and and A in my SAT prep class…but who knows? It might be something different. All I know is that I’m SO glad to say that I’m doing well in my classes.

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It’s late but I feel the need to post something…

22 Dec

ariel7 Yes, I know it’s late but, as the title says, I feel the need to post something. It’s been the longest while since I last posted but it’s because of school. I’ve been so busy, especially in the last week, trying to keep up—and I have so far. To bring you guys up to speed, here’s what’s been going on:


Okay, so I’m not going to kid about this class. The first tri of it was HELL. Complete and utter HELL. Well…now it’s done and we’re in second tri. I can’t say how grateful I am to my counselor, my vice principal, and my parents for helping me out in the first couple of weeks of that first tri. And God. I lost hope so many times and felt like total crap, but I got over through it with their help. I’m really glad that they gave me encouraging words and a shoulder to cry on. (Which I did a lot of that during that time.)

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Waffles + Nutella = YUM! *WARNING* Long Post

13 Aug

spock icon Okay, so I honestly have to give kudos to all bloggers out there: YOU GUYS ROCK FOR UPDATING DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY! I only say this because I can’t seem to keep my own promise! (Ouch…) You guys really deserve some cookies. Anyways, I’m currently eating my breakfast (waffles spread with Nutella—what else?), drinking water, and typing up all of this for you guys to see. I believe I said that I’ll post some videos for you guys to see…so I just might do that in this post! (I just have to remember…)

So, if you read my latest TWEET TWEET you’ll notice that I’ve got new bangs. (By the time you read this, that TWEET TWEET will be gone.) My mum cut them for me (she’s not a hair stylist or beautician—she’s a P.T.). When I woke up this morning, I was like, “They feel good!” Then I looked in the mirror. She had cut them a little bit past the middle of my head, so if I were to wear them without clips I would look like I have I bad mullet! :[ But, if you want to see the picture of me and my new bangs, you can go to Her Story or you can click here to see the image by itself. I guess I’ll just have to find different ways to style my hair…

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Sorry…it’s been a MONTH!

28 Jul

Hey, guys! I know, I know. I said that I would write every day…or week…. It’s been a rough month. I’ve been going back and forth from the little city to the big city all month in preparation for three major events in my church. The two last, recent events wrapped up on Sunday and yesterday. Yesterday was the anniversary of my church, the re-establishment of it in our time. (Don’t ask. You’ll get confused and I might confuse you more if you ask for an explanation. I could give it a shot though…) I was the MC or hostess for our small, unrehearsed program at our recently bought chapel. (Hindi pa inihandog.) I was quite nervous because I had no idea what to say; we hadn’t done a rehearsal. There were three locales that partook in the special worship service and the program that I hosted. Thank you so much to everyone who performed in the program! All of the performances were brilliant, some done wonderfully even though there was little practice!

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